Welcome to the Dhaka Translation Center!

Literature loves to travel – and we help ferry it across. The aim of the Dhaka Translation Center is two-fold: to train literary translators and publish quality translations.

This webpage provides links to further information about our programs and activities, and ways you can get involved with the art of translation!

Kaiser Haq

Director, DTC

Mission Statement :

The Dhaka Translation Center (DTC) at ULAB answers a long-felt need in our cultural arena by facilitating, primarily, the translation of works of literary merit from Bengali into English, and into Bengali from English and other languages. The Center also provides fellowships and training workshops in an effort to develop a strong cadre of literary translators. The Center’s projects include the landmark Library of Bangladesh series, a first-ever collection of translations of the best of Bangladeshi writing produced for a world audience.

The Dhaka Translation Center (DTC) celebrates the rich Bangladeshi literary tradition by encouraging a greater exchange with contemporary world literature. The DTC’s primary function is educational, spearheaded by its translation workshops, with complementary fellowship programs, event series, and publishing partnerships.

In its initial phase the Dhaka Translation Center will concentrate on five goals:

  1. Establishment of regular translation workshops from Bangla and other languages into the English. The Center will encourage translation methods developed by the late Michael Henry Heim and others. Sessions will be facilitated by the Director and by other Fellows, both from home and abroad.
  2. Dhaka Translation Center will also be hosted by the Bengal Lights website, featuring new translations, both in print and online.  In the long-term, Bengal Lights will seek to host at least one piece per week, and from a wider range of voices than anywhere else online, in collaboration with DTC.
  3. Appoint inaugural Dhaka Translation Center fellow, for ULAB.
  4. Select and/or commission titles for Bengal Lights imprint on Phoneme Media.
  5. Assemble the best, most exciting, political, thought-provoking and argument-inspiring panel/presentation for Hay Festival Dhaka.

Dhaka Translation Center (DTC) Members

The Universityof Liberal Arts Bangladesh and its curricula are accredited by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh, and approved by the Ministry of Education, Government of People's Republic of Bangladesh.